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Monday, November 11, 2013

You are not what others think you are. You are what God knows you are.” -Shannon L. Alder

You were warned! I'm about to write a second post on The Reset Movement. Hopefully you don't get tired of hearing about it, because there may very well be a third one in your future. (Duh duh duh!)

So... Picking up where my last post left off, after the second singer finished her solo bit, a bunch of people come onstage. This was one of my favorite parts of the concert that wasn't Rend Collective Experiment, because it just felt so... nice. Instead of being just one person or group, there were people from pretty much every section of the concert coming together to preform. There was the base player from Rend (Young Patrick... Very cool, and I must mention very good-looking!), a keyboardist/singer, a DJ, two guitarists, and a drummer. There was such a feeling of community- people from all different backgrounds and groups coming together to worship God. Very cool!

 They played several songs together before the next soloist did her bit, and I heard my other favorite song during that portion of the concert. Much like the first song I mentioned, it is not available on Youtube. (Did you hear that? Not one but two songs Youtube doesn't have. Ha!) So once again, you'll have to be content with my entirely unsatisfactory "rendition" of it. It was called "You Say", and the line that I liked best (taken from the chorus) said "All that we are is all that you say we are."

Take a moment and think about that...

We hear so much from so many different sources these days. Magazines, television, the mirror, friends, even ourselves. All of these different people who all try to tell us who we are. What we hear usually isn't encouraging, yet that's what we get embedded in our hearts. We have bought into the lie that we are junk. Fat. Worthless. Stupid. Failures. Pointless. Weird. Not good enough.

But you know what? Our worth- YOUR worth- is not found in your clothes. It's not in your IQ. It's not in a dress size or a test score. It's not in how much money you have, or what people you know. It's not what other people say about or to you that defines who you are.

You are who GOD says you are.

And you know who He says you are? He says you are His child. He says you are special. Chosen. Saved. Forgiven. Beautiful. He says you are His beloved. That you have been
bought with a price. We have been ransomed.

So this is a reminder to all of the people out there- young or old, girl or boy- who have bought into the lie that they are junk. You will never find your worth in what other people think about you, because that's not where your worth is. That's not what your worth depends on. Your worth is found in Jesus and who he says you are.

Don't let what people say about you drag you down and keep carrying it around as baggage. Baggage only weighs you down, and God has come to set you free!

 (A favorite skit by The Skit Guys.) 

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  1. Wait. My worth is not defined by the price tag on my cell phone? By the number on my scale or in the back of my Jeans? Praise God. Love you, sweet blogger:)