Monday, July 01, 2013

"There are no uninteresting things. Only uninterested people." -G. K. Chesterton

"I'm bored!"

How often do you hear that nowadays? If you're anything like me, probably quite a bit. And I won't lie to you and tell you that I don't say (or at least think) that once in a while myself. I do! Sometimes, I get bored.

But why?!?! Why do we get bored? In a world so amazing as the one we live in, how could we possibly get bored??? And think about it. We have so much to do in this day and age, it's not even funny. iDevices, laptops, Smartphones, the Wii, tablets! All this stuff to give us things to do. And yet we're bored?!?!

How many times have you done this (or something along these lines)? You're bored. So first, you pull up Facebook. You flip through looking at friend's posts, and after about ten minutes, you're bored again. You decide to play Angry Birds. That's pretty fun, right? You play a round or so, and you're bored of that, too. You start to watch a show. No one could be bored watching Doctor Who! But after about ten minutes of that, you're wandering around looking for something different.

So it would seem that all this stuff isn't really making you very happy. Hmm... Maybe happiness... doesn't come from a phone! What a thought! Maybe we should stop relying so much on technology to make us happy. Maybe we should take a break from all of that, and try something new.

Next time you're bored, instead of whining about it or going from one piece of technology to the next, get lost in a good book. Go outside and ride your bike. Take a walk. Play a board game with your family. Write in your journal. Rock out to your favorite song. Count your blessings. Clean some space in your house that needs cleaning. Start learning an instrument. Mow the lawn. Volunteer for an organization you admire. Dream. Go to the park. Pull some weeds. Learn a new craft. Read your Bible. Go to the library. Get up out of your boredom and do something. Fight back. Take your sanity into your own hands! Don't just be bored! Life is too short to waste even a moment on something as stupid as boredom.

So next time you feels yourself floating from one piece of technology to the next in a vicious cycle of boredom, remember this- no one can make you feel bored without your consent... ;)

 (Here's a good song to listen to when you're bored!)

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