"When All You Have Is Fishes" Part 2- The Miracle

Monday, August 05, 2013

"Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see." -C.S. Lewis

People are always saying that sometimes, when you pray for an answer, it doesn't come as a sudden bolt of lightening or a really obvious, “wet-rag-to-the-face” answer. We like to remind each other that sometimes it's subtle, and you have to be listening really hard in order to catch it.

But then sometimes, God answers a prayer in a totally unexpected way that you just can't help but notice.

A little while ago, I did a blog post about my project, “Living Water Hats.” (If you haven't read the post, click HERE.) I'd been kinda worrying about that post before I actually published it. More than normal, I mean. I kept thinking, “What if I offend someone?” I don't know what exactly I thought was so offensive about it, but I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to actually post that. In fact, it sat on my “bookshelf” as a draft for at least two or three days before I got up the nerve to push that alluring little button and publish it.

But for all that, I felt very strongly that I needed to publish it. Someone out there needed to read it, so I just had to get over myself and put it out there. I mean, really. Do I take myself so seriously as to think that someone might actually be offended by something I post? (Offending someone is one of those “I'll know I've hit the big time when...” things for me.)

So, for several days before I even wrote the loaves and fishes post, I had been praying that God would open up a door for me to be able to sort of spread the word on my hats project. I wanted to keep it going, and I really wanted to get the Jesus Well funded by the end of this year. I was praying that He would show me some way to grow the project. A way for more people to hear about it and get involved.

Then on Wednesday, I was approached by a really neat person at church. The worship leader, actually. His name is Mr. Matt, and he's a photographer. (You can check him out over at wearesaltbox.com) I've always thought he was really awesome, and the fact that he wanted to talk to me was very cool. (You should have been inside my head when he said he read my blog! I kid you not, I sounded like a normal teenage girl would if Taylor Lautner shook her hand. Eeeek!) He told that he read the aforementioned blog post, and that he really liked what I had to say. He also said that he wanted to buy a hat from me and not only that, but he wanted to help me advertise my hats. I think my jaw might have dropped when he said that.

It was one of those moments where there's no mistaking- it was an answer to prayer. It's not a coincidence. It's not an accident. It's a God-thing. And it was a really good reminder that God really does hear our prayers. He really is listening. He's not too busy. He didn't fall asleep. He's not on vacation. He's there. And He has a plan that you cannot even dream of.

I like to think that I have a pretty good (and perhaps chronically overactive) imagination, but I could never have imagined that. I had imagined someone might want to buy a hat after reading my blog post, but had never even considered someone wanting to help me tell other people about them, too. It's incredible! And though it's already been a while since the conversation, I'm still awed by it and feel like smiling like a fool any time I think about it.

Here's something for you to remember- God hears your prayers. No matter what seems to be going on right now, He has a plan. And that plan that He has- the plan for your fishes and your prayers- is bigger, grander, and more awe-inspiring than you can even dream of.

So just hold on for now. God is telling a story through your life, and sometimes His words are written too big for you to read. Someday you will look back from afar and see just how amazing it really was.

And that's what a miracle is...

(Oh! And Mr. Matt? If you're reading this, just know that everything I said about you was completely true, and it wasn't just flattery. I meant every word I said.)

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  1. brilliant thoughts, friend, and lovely blog. also, the raindrop background makes me way too happy. :)

    yours always,

    1. Thank you! I enjoy reading your blog as well.