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Saturday, August 10, 2013

"When passion and skill work together, the end result is often a masterpiece." -Unknown

So, I've been talking a lot lately about these hats that I've been crocheting, and many people have requested more information about these hats, what I'm doing, what my prices are, etc. So here I am- writing about my hats. Since there are a few main questions that everyone has asked, I'll start by answering those.

Q&A with Living Water Hats

Q- "So, what is this about crocheted hats?"  
A- Well, I am selling crocheted hats to raise money to build a Jesus Well.

Q- "A Jesus Well? What's a Jesus Well?" 
A- A Jesus Well is a well built through an organization called Gospel for Asia (GFA) that is working to bring the Gospel to remote villages in Asia. A Jesus Well enables women to draw clean water within their village, instead of having to walk a long ways. The water that they often have access to is unclean and not suitable for drinking or cooking with, leading to high number of waterborne illness and death. Also, what often happens is that when there is a village well, people who are considered outcasts (those with disabilities or those stuck in poverty) are banned from drawing water. With a Jesus Well, anyone has access to water- no matter who they are. (For more information about Jesus Wells, click HERE. Be sure to watch the video!)

Q- "OK! That's pretty neat. So, what types of hats do you make?" 
A- I make a variety of hats, and am always willing to work with you to customize yours. Here are a few pictures of some hats I make, though this isn't the entire collection. I'm still working on getting pictures of all the hats I make.
Marvelous Mesh
Divine Beret
Basic Beanie
Basic Beanie with fuzzy brim and pom pom

Q- "Fun! So, what are your prices?" 
A- I've actually been fiddling around with how I want to "charge" for the hats. At first I had been asking a specific amount that was related to which hat style you chose. However, I decided that I don't really like that method. It's too complicated, and I never know what to tell people when they say "How much are they?" SO! I decided to try out a new system. Instead of having a set price for each hat, I'm going to do a "minimum donation" that's based on what size of hat you order, not waht style. The new prices are as follows... Baby hats have a minimum donation price of $10, child hats have a minimum donation price of $15, and adult hats have a minimum donation price of $20. If you choose a more difficult embellishment or customization (an animal face, specialty yarn, etc.) I ask that you add $5. If you would like to give more, that's always appreciated, too, but don't feel pressured into it.

Q- "I don't wear hats very much. Is there another way I can help?" 
A- Hats make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Resurrection Sunday, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, New Years, or just for fun! Consider purchasing a hat for a relative or friend. If you still don't want a hat but want to support me, something that would be really helpful is to just spread the word. Tell someone you think might like to purchase a hat. Word of mouth is extremely important, and every little bit helps. 

****I have also decided to look into donating hats. You can "sponsor" a hat, telling me as much or as little about the hat as you want, and I will make it. But instead of giving the hat to you, I will donate it somewhere it is needed. I am still looking into this, and haven't really figured out where I'm donating the hats to. If you have any suggestions or tips for me, or know of a place that could use these hats, just email me at****

So, I guess those are the main questions people ask me when they hear about my hats. If you still have questions, feel free to email me at

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