Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father." -Lydia Maria Francis Child

Dear Daddy,

It's Father's Day- the day we celebrate Dads. And you know what that means? I'm celebrating you. And you know what one of the best ways to celebrate someone is? To thank them. So...

Thank you, Daddy! Thank you for reading bedtime stories to me, even when I fell asleep. Thank you for all of the times you carried me to bed and tucked me in. Thank you for introducing me to such classics as Narnia, Wrinkle in Time, and Lord of the Rings. Thank you for not making me watch Watership Down. But most of all, thank you for just being my Daddy.

I still remember the first time you ever said "I don't know." I was pretty small at the time (and I'm certain you've said it plenty of times since), and I was simply shocked that there might be something you didn't know. It had never even occurred to me that you might not know everything.

Daddy, I realize you're not perfect. I realize that you sometimes get mad, or have a bad day. I realize that life can get you down. You're only human, after all! But you're still my amazing Daddy. You still love me so much, and I still love you. Being your daughter is such a joy, and I cannot imagine life without you.

Thank you for constantly reminding me how much you love me- whether it is from a hug, a pat on the head, or taking me to see the new X-Men movie. I can see your love for me and all of our family in so many different ways, one of the biggest being your empathy. I know that you hurt when I hurt- which has been all too frequently this past year.

Thank you for all of the prayers when I can't sleep, and the gentle hugs on those days when "even my hair hurts." Thank you for all of the heartfelt conversations. Thank you for every little moment spent on the couch. Thank you for working so hard every day so that we have everything we need, and even some things that we don't.

Daddy, no matter what happens, or how the future years turn out, I will always love you. You have taught me so much, and I cannot say thank you enough. I love you!

Because I just had to... :)

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