Because I'm a Superhero

Thursday, February 05, 2015

My body is verifiably insane... It perceives normal, everyday circumstances as a life-or-death situation and responds accordingly. It creates problems for itself that mystify even the most skilled of doctors.

It's been a while since I wrote about being sick. It's not really that I've been avoiding the topic. It's just that I've been... trying to move on.

You see, I want a life that doesn't revolve around illness. There is so much I want to do, see, and accomplish, and it's my belief that I could do all of that without being sick. But that's not an option for me- as much as I would like it to be.

So every day, I go about my life and pretend. I pretend to be alright. I pretend that I'm not mentally and physically exhausted. I pretend that I feel like being out of the house. I pretend I'm not struggling just to stay on my feet.

In the end, one can only conclude that

I must be a superhero.

You see, when Bruce Wayne goes to the grocery store (what a joke, right?!), they might know he's a millionaire. They might have seen him on TV. But they have no idea he's a superhero.

Or when Clark Kent stops to buy gas, they might know he's a reporter. They might recognize his face from the newspaper. But they have no idea he's a superhero.

Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker... 

No one knew.


My body fights so hard, one can only conclude that

I am a superhero.

 I hide my powers so well, one can only conclude that

I am a superhero.

The world is full of superheroes. Full of Bruce Waynes and Peter Parkers who believe that the only way they can save people is by wearing a mask.
"Society tells you your only power is your invisibility. Tells you that they would save you if only they could see you, but of course they cannot see you. Of course they will not save you, no matter how bright you sew your cape. Invisibility is not a superpower, it is the best weapon of a broken system desperate to make their streets look clean."
 So to all of the superheroes out there who still have a secret identity- you're not the only one. To all of the superheroes out there who believe no one will understand- it's alright to take off the mask.

Not everyone will understand... but there are still some who will.


What's your superpower? Leave your thouhgts in the coment section below, over at my Facebook page, or email it to me at anastasiarosewrites[@]gmail[.]com. 


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  1. Does having the secret ability to walk like a 500 year old woman on exiting the car count?

  2. That's a neat analogy on living life with an invisible illness! I wish I didn't understand it so well! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.