Why I Love Monday

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"The worst part about Monday is hearing you complain about Monday." -Unknown

You know what? I think Mondays are underrated. 

Oh sure, I understand what people have against Monday. It's the first day back to work/school, and you still have a whole week ahead of you. It's saying good-bye to the weekend, and hello to the workweek.

But you know what? I refuse to be a party to the "I Hate Monday" movement. Monday is an amazing day of the week, despite its bad rap. It has so much... potential. So many good things going for it. You want to know what I think those things are??? Well I'll tell you...

For one thing, it's the end of the weekend. While that is, in some respect, a sad thing, it also means that you've had a whole weekend to recharge. You're (hopefully) fresh and ready to go. Prepared to face the week- head on!

And for another thing, it's the end of the weekend. Now you might be thinking- "What?!?! But why--" Well, just be quiet, hold your horses, and let me explain. While it's all well and good to say you should be "recharged and ready to go" after the weekend, let's face it- sometimes, weekends just aren't recharging. Sometimes they are downright hectic. (I'm having one of those weekends, although I can't say that the rest of my week looks any better.) Sometimes they are stressful, busy, and just plain crazed. And sometimes, you're ready for the weekend to be over. Ready to get back to your normal schedule.

And those are just two reasons we should all thank God for Monday!

Something else about Monday is that they are the day after Sunday, which also means (for me) that it's the day after church. I usually feel so fresh and clean after church. So... at peace. It's amazing to be able to start out the week with that kind of mindset. To get back to work or school with that still playing through my head.

When it's Monday, you can look at the whole week ahead of you and realize that there are no mistakes or mess-ups in it yet. You have the chance to make your week whatever you wish to make of it, despite your circumstances. You have a chance to start over. To not redo the mistakes of last week.

Also, Monday is the day for... * drum roll* ... "Messy Mondays!" How can anyone hate the day on which one of the highlights of the week is released?!?! It just doesn't seem like it should be possible.

So you see?!?! There are plenty of reasons for Monday to be a good day. Now it's your job to pick at least one of those and be happy. Start your workweek smiling!

And you know, now that I think about it, maybe if we didn't complain so much about Mondays, they wouldn't seem so... awful. If we all just stopped saying "I can't believe it's Monday!" or "SO ready for this day to be over!" and actually went to the effort to make Monday a good day, maybe it would be.

So this Monday, instead of griping and complaining, go out of your way to make Monday a good day. Give someone an extra hug, or tell them "I love you" one more time than normal. Eat lunch with someone, or send them a special email. You never know- maybe they really needed it...


On a side note, I have decided to do a little project. I've been trying to find something different to try, and I think this might be it. What I need you to do is take a scrap of any color of paper (fairly small, but big enough to be easily written on/read from) and any color of pen. On that piece of paper, I want you to fill in this sentence- "Monday is... ___." Tell me what Monday means to you. Give that peice of paper to me the next time you see me. (Or, if you won't be seeing me soon, email/message it to me or leave it in the comments and I'll write it down.) After I collect a fairly good number of papers, I'm going to arrange them into a collage. 

The only rules are that it has to be in your handwriting- no matter how sloppy you think it is. (Obviously this doesn't apply to those emailing the messages to me.) And, it needs to be something positive. (No 'Monday is awful" or anything like that.) Be as creative as you can! I would prefer not to end up with 50 little slips of paper that say "Monday is... fun." I don't mind one or two being duplicates, but I would really like to have a large variety of phrases for the collage. I haven't decided on a deadline yet, but try to get them in quickly so that I can get started on that sometime after the next few weeks. (They promise to keep me busy.)

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  1. I have a Post-it note for you. =)

  2. Monday is balance.
    How could you ever enjoy a weekend break if it never ended?