Everything Changes

Sunday, September 01, 2013

“Everybody has to leave, everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons.”- Donald Miller

I have realized something recently. Well, not really realized, because it's not as if I didn't know it before. No. It's more than just a realization, because now it's more than just an idea or thought- I have experienced it.

What is it that I've experienced? Well, simply this- things change. A lot. And sometimes, change is scary. Really scary.

I don't know what it is, but we as humans tend to want to know what's going to happen. We don't generally want things to just... happen. We want to know what's going to happen, and we want to know that it's all going to be alright. We want to know we'll come out of it, and we want to come out of it happy.

So we make all these plans to try and convince ourselves that we know how it's going to happen. That we've got it all under control. Even though we don't. Even though everything is out of our hands, we still try to imagine that we're holding onto it.

Change... We feel threatened by it, sometimes. We feel like it's messing up the "perfect" plans we have for ourselves. But if you think about it, our plans aren't perfect. Because our plans don't take everything into account. We can't know every single detail, nor how our "plans" will affect us- or anyone around us- in the future. 

But God's plans can. God knows how everything works. How it needs to work. He put everything together, and He hasn't let go of it since. It's still right there- safe in His hands.

A lot of change has been happening in my life. Some of it I like, some of it I don't, and some of it I cannot decide whether I like or not. Some of it scares me. Well, most of it. Because it's so different and new.

What are some of the changes? Well, for one thing, one of my very best friends is about to go to Honduras for a year. (You can see her blog HERE.) She just left, and Wednesday night was the last night I got to see her before she took off. It was a rather emotional night for me. I was happy that she was able to do this, because I know that she is excited. And I know it's what God wants her to do, so of course I'm happy for her. But I'm still really sad that she can't be both places at once. (I think God knew how confusing that would get when He made us unable to do so.)

Also, I am in my second year of high-school. Or, will be. As soon as we start back to school. (That's the nice thing about being homeschooled! We get to choose when to start and finish. Cool, huh?) I mostly like the thought of one more year closer to being finished with high-school, but I also realize that this brings me one more year closer to college, and one more year further from the simplicity of being a kid.

In fact, a lot of things in my life seem to be making me acknowledge the fact that I'm getting old(er). A little brother who's learning to read. More responsibility. Evolving relationships. Nothing is as innocent as it used to be.

And, I may very well be facing a diagnoses of POTS. I'm horrid at trying to explain it, so here's a link if you want more information- www.stars.org.uk/patient-info/conditions/pots While I am very glad that we may finally know what it is that has been causing me so much trouble, unless I grow out of it (which, by the way, is probable), my life is most likely not going to be the same anymore. And even if I do grow out of it, it won't be the same for a while. That's a bit of a scary thought. But I know that I will get through this with help from God and my family.

Well, I guess all of this was to say that you can't turn back time. All those moments that have gone by? They're gone. And now they're nothing more than memories.

So as you go through your week, remember this- one day, these moments will just be memories. Time passes by so quickly, and if you don't use every second you're given, you will look back and realize all the things you could have done. Don't let these precious moments pass by because you're so busy with all the things you think are important but really aren't. Appreciate every single second you are given with your family, friends, and even with yourself. Because things never stay the same for long...

 (So it doesn't have much to do with the blog post, but this has been one of my favorite songs lately.)

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  1. Your blog has had a way of hitting my life right where it hurts, and needs it most. Kinda like a day when every single song the radio plays fits your mood. Change is scary, but it's people like you who help us all face it. Good to see you back to blogging. :)

    1. Well, thank you! It's nice to be back, and it's always nice to see someone commented. :)