Happy Birthday and Celebration

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Celebrate what you want to see more of." -Tom Peters

Did you know that today is someone's birthday? Everyday is someone's birthday, actually. Now, I might not know exactly who's birthday it is, but that's alright. I can still wish them a happy birthday. SO! Without further ado...

Happy birthday!!!

I think everyone should get a hug, or a smile, or something on their birthday. It's a sad thought that a birthday might go by for someone and it just... goes by. That's why I decided my blog needed to wish that person a happy birthday. Oh! And while I'm at it, have a...

Very Merry Un-Birthday!!!

That's for anyone who's birthday doesn't happen to fall on September 10th, but still needs a smile. Because everyday is your un-birthday!

And another thing, this is my 31st blog post. Yay! (I just released 100 virtual, red balloons. You may now feel free look up and smile as they drift away into the sky.)

Thirty-one may seem like an odd number to single out for celebration; that's because it is. Most people celebrate numbers like ten, fifty, and one hundred. But you know what? Numbers like thirty-one are quite frequently overlooked. Isn't thirty-one just as nice as fifty? Doesn't she deserve a chance to shine?! So, I decided that the lovely thirty-one needed some special recognition. Well that, and the fact that I've had a bad week and wanted something to brighten it up. A blog celebration seemed like just the thing.

Now the question is... how do I celebrate? What exactly does one do in a blog celebration?

Well, one shares a list. A list of some of one's favorite things, each from a different category. (Yea. I just came up with that. I'm pretty good, aren't I?) So here it is. To give you a bit more of an idea of who I am, I beg to put before you a few of my favorite things.

  1. My favorite bird is... No doubt, the puffin. I love how the bold orange on its face and feet contrasts with the stark black and white on its body. And they're such an odd little bird, too. The have a sort of duck-shaped body and duck-like feet, yet a unique head. Brilliant!
  2. My favorite quote is... By C. S. Lewis. I just discovered this quote a while back, and it really strikes a note with me. It says, “We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” Isn't that so true? We don't exactly doubt that God knows what's best for us, or that He will do it; we doubt how comfortable we will be with the best. We wonder how much pain it will cause us at first. But when we really let go of it all, we realize that no matter how much pain we experience in it, God will get us through.
  3. My favorite day of the week is... Monday. Definitely Monday. It is such an unappreciated day, and yet, it's really wonderful. I mean, you've got a whole week before you that you can make whatever you want. And it's the day after Sunday, which means you still have yesterday's sermon fresh in your mind to act upon. (For more on why I love Monday, click HERE.)
  4. My favorite month is... November. I love the end of autumn. All of the pretty colors are there, and the weather is getting steadily colder and colder (hopefully). I love planning for Christmas. I love dreary days. (I don't find them dreary at all, actually. I find them... peaceful.)
  5. My favorite song is... a really tough thing to decide. In fact, it's almost impossible to pick a favorite song, because I listen to so much music, and it all depends on my mood and what I'm thinking about at the time. A song that I really like to listen to right now is Berlin, by The Piano Guys. It has such a nice sound to it, which I really like. 
So there you go. You now know what a blog celebration looks like. Hopefully you got a smile or two out of it, and maybe even learned something new about me.

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