The Unfinished Stories...

Monday, January 20, 2014

“Remember He is the artist and you are only the picture. You can't see it. So quietly submit to be painted... You are in the right way. Walk---don't keep on looking at it.”  -C. S. Lewis

As a writer, I do not like stories that aren't finished. An unfinished story is so very nagging. I feel compelled to finish it, to get it over with, to finally have it done. Even if the story isn't really going anywhere. It makes me twitchy just thinking about it. Being a writer though, I have quite a few unfinished stories sitting on my shelf. I've put them there for a later date when I actually figure out where I want it to go. But it still bothers me knowing that I have left something so incomplete.

Of course, I'm that way about a lot of things. Crochet projects, for instance. Even if I physically cannot finish them (because I do not have the yarn, am in severe pain, etc.), I'm not really able to rest in peace (perhaps that was a poor choice of words) until I know they're finished. It's bothered me so much to still have a few hats that need to be finished, but I've been having trouble with my hands lately, and haven't been able to get them done, yet. Thankfully, I am so very close.

 But back to what I was saying... Unfinished stories, remember?

We as humans tend to really like stories with endings. We like to see how everything works out for everyone's good. We like to see the wonderful affect it has on all of the people involved, and how it has made them better. We love seeing the purpose, the resolution, the redemption.

You can witness that in a lot of different situations, especially in Christan circles. Everybody loves to hear the story about the miracle. The woman who's healed of a disease, the house that wasn't foreclosed on, the job that was saved... We love to hear about someone who finds God through their grief, or becomes a believer because of a traumatic life-experience. We love verses like Romans 8:28. "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them." We like to see the reason for our pain and sufferings.

But what do you do with a story that isn't finished? We all know what happens when God heals. But what about when He doesn't?

People do not want to hear a story that has no ending. An unfinished story. But sometimes, God doesn't provide a miracle. Or at least, hasn't yet. This situation is still being worked "for the good of those who love God," but it's a little hard to see where it's going until you're there.

I am currently waiting for my miracle. Waiting for the "Go; let it be done for you as you have believed." You know, sometimes I just look up at the sky and say (mentally, most of the time), "Hey, God! I'm down here! I'm still believing! I know you can heal me! I trust that you will do this, so... what are you waiting for? Go ahead. I'm ready!" My life has been suspended indefinitely in the messy middle.

It's hard to read stories like the one about the centurion's servant being healed. You see that he was healed because his master believed that Jesus could (and would!) heal him. You read that the servant was healed "at that very moment". So many people believe and pray that God will heal me- so why hasn't He? I know He can- so why doesn't He?

One young lady said, "I really appreciated one of Seth Haines' posts which said that often the way we talk about prayer makes it seem as though God's goodness is contingent on the happy answer to prayer. 'X is healed - God is good!' 'This has been provided - God is good!' But can we say 'this sucks - God is good'?"

God is good, and God does heal, but God isn't only good when he heals. God is God (and still good) even when life is terrible. When everything is falling apart... God is good. When my health is failing... God is good. When the sky is falling down... God is good. During the unfinished story... God is still good.

And yes- even when it sucks... God. Is. Good.

A big thank you to Tanya Marlow over at Prodigal Magazine who wrote an article titled "When God Doesn't Heal", as well as the quote included in my post. You can read her article HERE. I really appreciated what she had to say, and it was very encouraging and thought-provoking.

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