Invisible Illness Week- Just One... Pt. 1

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"I sustain myself with the love of my family." -Maya Angelou

September 8th through 14th is Invisible Illness Week. Each year they choose a new campaign, and for 2014, the theme is Just One. Because we may be just one... But we are just one of over 100 million living with an invisible illness.

Some suggestions for "Just One" blog posts were just one treatment you want to try, just one thing you would change if you could, just one challenge you overcame... The possibilities are nearly endless, and you can read more Just One posts over at their website

For me, it seemed obvious. Just one way my family has been a blessing.

Being sick has changed a lot of things for me, and it's been a difficult adjustment to have to make. Illness has affected nearly every aspect of my life, and has forced me to alter my lifestyle to accommodate my new energy levels, pain levels, and physical limitations.

Throughout all of this, my family has made sure I never have to feel guilty about it. They understand when I have to sit down for a while, or when I forget to unload the dishwasher. They went above and beyond what I would have expected them to do for me while I was on crutches. When I'm laying on the couch trying not to think about how much something hurts, they know how to give me space without ignoring me. When I give in and take the Advil, they know I really need it.

I cannot imagine how the last year would have been without a family like mine. No, we're not perfect. Yes, we have our issues. But they have stuck by me through the toughest part of my life to date.

And that's just one way my family has been a blessing. 

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