Don't "Survive" the Holidays!

Monday, December 15, 2014

It seems everyone is looking for "ways to survive the Holidays" this year. In fact, the holiday season has become almost synonymous with stress

But is that how it should be?

I would say no, and I'm sure almost everyone would agree with me. Most people lament the fact that they never have time to really sit back and enjoy the holidays... So why do we persist in creating such a stress-filled season?

Perhaps it's because we have lost sight of what's most important.
This season should be a time of joy, peace, and celebration with the people you love.

 We shouldn't be surviving the holidays...

We should be enjoying them.

But how can we do that when everything is so stressful? With the crazy-busy schedules you're trying to balance, the gifts you're trying to buy, the long-lines at the store, the cranky relatives, and all the other negatives that make this season so stressful...

How could you ever find a way to enjoy it?

Well, I can't pretend to have all the answers, but here are my three biggest suggestions for enjoying your December.

1. Don't focus so much on the things you can't have. Stop dwelling upon the fact that you don't have the money to buy a bigger tree, or set up a huge yard display, or buy tons of fancy gifts for your kids. Instead, take time out to remember all of the things you do have. Because I'm sure, if you look around, there really is so much to be thankful for.

2. Don't stress over the little things. Traffic is annoying, store-clerks aren't always as efficient as you would like them to be, and sometimes a batch of cookies gets burnt. Do not obsess over the things that go wrong. Instead, take a deep breath, remind yourself that these things happen, and move on.

3. Remember the reason we celebrate at all. Regardless of the origins of the holiday, and regardless of what society has made of it, we celebrate because of what Jesus did for us. We celebrate because we have hope.

This week, I want to encourage you to look beyond the stress of the season and remember to enjoy it.


 Do you get stressed-out by the holiday season? What are your tips for making it less overwhelming? Be sure to share your response in the comment section below, over at my Facebook page, or you can email it to me at

Also, be sure to email me your holiday-themed guest post! I'd love to feature your work here on my blog, but the season is almost over, so get it in soon.

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  1. Hey there... visiting from our 31Days fb group! This is a great post - and great advice! I posted last week about my self imposed Dec 10th deadline... it can get stressful and crazy - but I do it so that I can relax and truly enjoy the season!

  2. My advice - decide in advance what is going to be most important to you and your family this Christmas. Make a point to complete the top item each family member wants to do as a family. Stay basic and leave room for God (He is bigger than the room we give Him to work sometimes).

  3. My biggest suggestion is the one I shared on my blog yesterday - have a Sharpie Day!

  4. Great post. Laying aside stress and the things we feel we have to do, and turning our hearts towards Christ is the answer. He is the reason for the season. Blessings!