In the Eyes of a Child..

Monday, December 01, 2014

  "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." -Angela Schwindt

Children are beautiful... 

I took my little sister outside this afternoon, and decided on a whim to take the camera with me... There was no posing or attempts to capture a particular shot. I just stood back and clicked the shutter as often as possible.

She didn't really care that I was taking pictures of her. In her eyes, the camera was nothing more than a little black box in my hands.

When you're two years old, there is no such thing as being self-conscious. 

She was just being herself.

Sometimes, like in that last photograph, there isn't time to get the perfect angle. Everything is so fast-paced when you're working with a toddler, and you have to be quick or you'll miss out. So even though it might not be the "best picture ever," its quirkiness is really my favorite part.

My little sister, for the most part, doesn't care if things get messy. She doesn't care if the picture isn't perfect or if her facial expression "looks funny". She doesn't care that there's chocolate on her face or a leaf on her hat.

She doesn't know what it means to not be good enough. She doesn't anticipate or even understand failure. To her, the world is still so new and so beautiful.

I think we could all stand to be just a little bit more childlike...


Do you have or work with children? What amazes you the most about them? We'd love to hear your story! You can leave it in the comment section below, over at our Facebook page, or you can email it to us at

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  1. "She doesn't know what it means to not be good enough." Profound, my young friend, profound.

  2. love the post and your photos and your outlook on life - Keep it, my sister. Hold on to it.

  3. Your little sister is absolutely adorable!


  4. Children are resilient, they can fight through anything. It is pretty amazing how quickly they recover from whatever they come up against. My son amazes me how much he learns each day.

  5. I love their unconditional love for others, they may go to a park and meet a new friend, may not have makeup on but they love you, haven't showered in days but they still love you! Thanks for the reminder to love like a child, live life like a child.

  6. As a teacher I'm amazed how quickly they grow up and the refreshing of those who don't.