Something(s) I DISLIKE About Facebook

Monday, April 29, 2013

“Facebook has been spreading across the continents faster than a highly contagious Asian bird flu!”-Gemini Adams

Sometimes, I just strongly dislike Facebook.

Don't get me wrong! Most of the time, Facebook is a wonderful invention. It gives you a way to keep in touch with people you don't get to talk to very often. It allows me to share my blog posts more easily. Not to mention an excuse to avoid physical contact! (As if I need an excuse.)

However, there are times when I really dislike Facebook. So, I've compiled a list of two things I dislike about Facebook. (I was going to say hate, but hate is a pretty strong word for me.) Pretty impressive, huh? Well, here you go!

Two Things I Dislike About Facebook

1. Selfies. (To use a Blimey Cow term. [Google it]) I do not understand the extreme fascination some people (namely teenage girls) have in taking pictures of themselves making duck-lips. I wonder if, when those girls are no longer teenagers, they will look back at all those pictures they took and realize that duck-lips are really not as attractive as girls think they are. 

And while we're still talking about selfies, what's up with the bizarre posture that seems to be all the rage now? You know what I'm talking about, right? Hand on hip, chest pooched out as far as possible...?

2. When that party you weren't invited to is plastered all over your "friend's" pages. Yeah... You've probably experienced, at some point, the hurt that comes from being the only one not invited to a party. And all your friends are talking about it the next day. Maybe you've even been the one reprimanded for handing out invitations somewhere that not everyone present receives an invite. 

Well, nowadays, it's almost impossible to get around this unfortunate situation. Because of social networking like Twitter, Facebook, etc., you will most likely see all sorts of pictures and posts about that party you weren't invited to. And it usually feels like they're rubbing it in your face, whether they are or not. My advice for avoiding a situation like this?  

Never post anything- ever.

Just kidding. 

I guess this is where I should make some witty remark about the situation that makes you laugh, and (hopefully), think a little more about your life. 

However, I really don't have anything to say here. I can't think of much that I could say that would fit the criteria for an ending paragraph. (Witty, funny, thought provoking, etc.)

Instead, I'll leave it at this- it hurts. It hurts a lot. Maybe you know, deep down, that it shouldn't bother you, but it does. Or, at least, it does me. 

Perhaps it is only me, but when something like that happens, I get really frustrated. I wonder if maybe there's something I should be doing differently. If maybe I should become more outgoing, loud, extroverted, or something. In short, I wonder if maybe I should become something I'm not. Cause who I am doesn't seem to be enough.

But you know what? I'm wrong. I am so wrong. I am who I am. I'm not more outgoing, loud, or extroverted. I'm just... me. And you know what? Apparently, God thought that who I am is enough. He made me, after all.

So next time you feel like you're not enough, just remember this- God thought you were enough. And He's the only one who really matters...

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  1. I told Kharis once that the hard truth is, girls can be mean. Especially if they don't "get" you. In her case, it was a fashion thing- and I told her that she was going to have to decide if it was going to hurt more to be HERSELF or who THEY wanted her to be. Sometimes, if it just about a shirt you love or a pair of funky gloves you decide to wear as socks, it is easier to be who THEY want you to be. But when it comes to forcing yourself to be boisterous or loud when everything in you cries out to be still, well, I can almost guarantee that trying to conform to "THEM" will hurt more than not fitting in. Yes, dear one, you have learned the lesson, that GOD has created you as you are, and He has a very special plan for you that was created for YOU- so you are not just enough. You are His Creation.

  2. I have gone through so many phases of trying to get people to like me... first I was bossy and nobody liked me, so I decided to be quiet. Then nobody noticed me. So then I tried to be super friendly and outgoing, but everyone could tell it was fake, so they were just weirded out. It wasn't until I started to be myself - quiet sometimes, loud sometimes, serious sometimes, funny sometimes - that I found the people who actually liked me for me. It wasn't everyone, and it never will be everyone. Many times it may not even be who I want to like me. But I've found that if you look for them, and if you pray for them, God will send you people who are the same kind of weird as you are. Just so happens people as special as you don't come along very often, so they're hard to find. (This goes for your sister, too). It does hurt to be left out. But it hurts worse to fit into a slot that is the completely wrong shape for you. You end up cramped in some places and stretched in others, and you come out worse for the wear.

    I don't know if you have read this, but as I was talking to someone today they reminded me that we humans have a short attention span and need to be reminded of things, so I'm going to send you the link anyway. =) It speaks to this.