Where Have The Years Gone???

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

“...what still blew them all away was time itself, the days and months and the years, oh yes, the years. They went faster than anything man had the capacity to invent, so fast that for a while they fooled you into thinking they were slow, and was there any crueler trick than that?” -Michael Koryta, So Cold the River

Time has a funny way of seeming to go so slowly until suddenly it's gone. I just realized that it's May. Can you believe that? May!!! It seems like just yesterday I was writing out New Year's Goals.

This year is not the only thing that seems to have gone so quickly- the past several years have just flown by as if on a subway train. It's crazy! It seems like just yesterday I was ten years old... And look at me now!

The main thing that made me realize how fast these years have gone by is this... When my older sister and I were maybe 8 and 10 (or younger), my Grandma brought home these two dresses for us to play in. One was a 70's prom dress, and the other was a wedding dress. 

We used to play in those dresses anytime we were at our Grandma's house. Now, these dresses were full-sized adult dresses, so they didn't fit very well. (If you know what I mean.) We used to stuff the chest of the wedding dress with socks and underwear trying to make them fit. They didn't, but we kept trying. I distinctly remember thinking that those dresses would never fit me.

Now, fast-forward to the year 2013, the month of April. I'm 14, my sister is nearly 17. We were looking for tutus (don't ask me why) in my little sister's dress-up box, and happened upon these dresses. Thinking it would be funny, we both tried on the dresses.

Wonder of wonders, they fit 

Well, sort of. The wedding dress, due to some messed-up boning, looked a little odd in the bust, but it did fit. My sister went to show my mom how she looked in the wedding dress, and mom said that while the boning could be fixed, she wasn't old enough yet to use it for anything except dress-up. Being the nosy little sister that I am, I asked how long it was until she could use it for real. You know what my mom said?

Three-and-a-half years

Can you believe that?!?! My sister is just a little more than three years away from being twenty... 

Where have the years gone???? 

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  1. Nope. You two are still 8 and 10. And my Zoegirl is 5. I don't care what you claim to the contrary.

    1. You just keep telling yourself that...

      But wait! Where does that leave Natsie???

  2. He's a figment of our imaginations.... *cue the strange alien music*

    1. Have I been living in the Twilight Zone??? *cue the creepy theme music*