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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

“Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden.”-Corrie Ten Boom

So, until now, I hadn't decided whether or not I was ever going to post anything about my rather unfortunate experience a couple weeks ago. It was pretty stressful, and I really didn't want to relive it any more than necessary. (Which, unfortunately, is quite often.) However, based on recent happenings, I decided that I would.

It all started about two and a half weeks ago, on April 19th. My little brother had one of his friends over playing, as well as his friend's two brothers. (It's rather cumbersome to keep calling him, "Friend", so let's pretend his name is **Bob instead.) Now, Bob's little brother came over before Bob himself, and was already playing on the Wii.

Well, Bob decided that he needed to play on the Wii and not his brother. I told him that he needed to wait his turn because his brother hadn't been on the Wii for very long. That made him kinda mad.

I don't entirely know what happened, but almost all of a sudden, Bob was in full blown rage. I told him multiple times that he needed to go home, and his older brother said the same. However, he kept running away. And when anyone got too close, he would kick or hit them. At one point he picked up and deliberately dropped the main piece to my dad's new sound system. He kicked my sister's laptop, threw a plate, and stomped on my toe. (Really hard.)

Well, after he got destructive, I called my dad. (Did I mention that my parents weren't home during all of this???) My eight year-old sister, six year-old brother, and I went outside while my dad talked to Bob's brother over the phone. Eventually, Bob went out of the house and we went back in.

The sound system was trash. The computer screen was cracked. My toe hurt like crazy.

Well, even after about two weeks, my toe was still in an incredible amount of pain. We had seen a doctor a few days after the incident, and she said that since it was the toe that was hurt there was pretty much nothing they could do. She just said tape it and keep off of it as much as possible. By this point (yesterday) it was swollen in a really weird place, and my mom was worried that the bone might have been displaced a bit. So we went back in for an x-ray.

Guess what they found?

My toe wasn't broken!!!

Since it's just soft-tissue damage, there's no need for six weeks in a boot/cast. Instead, we have it wrapped tightly with an ace bandage and I'm under strict orders not to do anything crazy on it for the next two weeks. (This would set the healing time back again.) 

I think this is a good example of the fact that no prayer or problem is too small to bother God with. I mean, some people have trouble remembering that there is nothing so big that God can't fix it. I have more trouble remembering that there is nothing too small to bring before God. That God really does care about your hurting toe or your bug bites.

There is a quote that goes, "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper." (Corrie Ten Boom said that.) However, it's also true that "There is not hole so small that God's love is too big to fill..."

** This name has been changed to respect privacy.

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