Friday, May 17, 2013

"Poetry is the eternal graffiti written on the hearts of everyone." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

So, yesterday I was looking through my history of posts, and I realized something- I haven't shared any poetry on here! What?!?! How can that be?

Well, it's true.

I haven't written a ton of poetry lately, so I think I'll share one of my older ones. (I did complete a poem last night, but I haven't gotten to give it to Daddy yet (the person who receives most of my poems), and I couldn't share it here before he got a chance to read it.)

Am I still beautiful
When all I do goes wrong
Am I still beautiful
When I am not strong
Am I still beautiful
When I walk in the darkness away from you
Will I ever be beautiful
Will I ever be made new

Child you are beautiful
Even when things go wrong
Child you are beautiful
For when you're weak I make you strong
Child you are beautiful
All through the “darkness” I was with you
Child you are beautiful
For I have already made you new

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Write more!!! <3

  2. First of all, I love the starting quote. Where do you find such apropos quotations? Second of all, it's about time you got some poetry up! ;p

    Love it, girl. Keep sharing your heart. <3

    1. I always Google "Quotes about ___" and flip through the various pages that pop up. (Most of my quotes end up coming from GoodReads.) Sometimes it's really hard to find one that I like, and sometimes I'm stuck between two or three.