Keep On

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This is Day 14 of a 31 Day writing challenge. To read more about my 31 Days series and to catch up on any posts you've missed, be sure to check out my post 31 Days of INSPIRE!

Sadly, I am still sick. Sick and unprepared.

Almost every other post of my 31 Days of INSPIRE!, I've had my post ready the night before I actually needed it. But today, I'm just barely getting something out there.

So for today's post I'm going to share another song that inspires me.

This song is such an encouragement to me, and although I love all of it, one bit that sicks out is this verse:
God knows you question your courage 
And some days I can’t walk for stumbling 
If we could only see what we’re becoming
It seems like if we could just see what God is planning, everything would be so much easier.

But sometimes He doesn't show us right away. Sometimes, He just asks us to keep going, and trust that He will bring us through it.

So let me be the one to encourage you today to keep going, keep charging ahead, and most of all...

 Never give up hope.

Today, my question is a little bit different- what would you like to see a post about during the rest of my 31 Days challenge? Is there a favorite quote or song you'd like me to share? What about a historical figure whose story inspires you? Share it with my on my Facebook page or down in the comment section!

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