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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

 This is Day 1 of a 31 Day writing challenge. To read more about my 31 Days series and to catch up on any posts you've missed, be sure to check out my post 31 Days of INSPIRE!

After I first decided, concretely, that I was going to participate in the 31 Days writing challenge, I knew that the next step was trying to decide exactly what theme I was going to write on.

And believe me- it was not an easy decision!

Being the perfectionist that I am, I had to find just the right theme. Not too specific, not too vague. Not too overdone...

I went through a total of four other theme ideas before finally landing on the one I ended up choosing- 31 Days of INSPIRE!

So... what made me choose this one over any of the others? And is there a reason I used all capital letters for the word "inspire," or was that simply a typo?

Well, I chose INSPIRE! over any of the others for several reasons. 

One of the biggest reasons was that it's broad enough to get thirty-one, unique blog posts out of this theme. For a few of my other ideas, I had difficulty brainstorming more than five or six ideas, much less thirty-one!

I also feel that we all need a little inspiration.

It's so easy to get stuck in the comfort-zone. We get so set in our ways that we forget there might be something better out there. The walls we've erected to keep ourselves from getting hurt have now got us trapped inside the illusion of safety.

So that's why INSPIRE! That's why I've styled it all in capital letters.

Because it's a battle cry. A wake-up call. A reason to keep going.

An invitation to move.

So join me this month as we look at the various aspects of what it really means to INSPIRE!


And for my question of the day, do you think we (as a nation, as Christians, as people) have gotten too comfortable? Be sure to leave your response on my Facebook page, in the comment section below, or both if you're feeling generous!

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  1. A great question. As people we get too comfortable because sometimes, we are comfortable being in that space. I would say, I sometime's get too comfortable because it's easier and not a lot of people expect a lot of you this way. But when I get too comfortable, I do something to keep me going in the direction I need to be in.