Halfway Through

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This is Day 15 of a 31 Day writing challenge. To read more about my 31 Days series and to catch up on any posts you've missed, be sure to check out my post 31 Days of INSPIRE!

Today is an important day. You wanna know why? Well! 

Let me tell you.

First things first, it's Wednesday. Wednesday is a good day, you know, though it's sometimes hard to truly appreciate his brilliance. You see, Wednesday is the middle-point. It's the proverbial glass of water we so like to argue about. 

Is it half-full or half-empty?

I never did like that metaphor, and I still don't. Because really, what does it matter?!?! We are still talking about the same amount of water either way, so it doesn't make a difference either way. You still have a half of a cup of water whichever way you phrase it. 

My intelligence feels insulted or manipulated.

Yeah, I know... I think about things way too much.

But just for a second, let me approach this as any other person would- as a metaphor. A figure of speech. An illustration.

The whole half-full versus half-empty is all about your point of view

It seems that Wednesday gets about as much respect from most people as Monday. People see it as being a dead day. You still have several days until the week is over, and yet you no longer have that "weekend high" that you had on Monday and sometimes Tuesday. You still have half of a week left before the next weekend.

In other words, the glass is half-empty.

But then, you could easily take that same scenario, flip it on its head, and have an entirely different outcome, all because you changed your point-of-view. You could have half of a week left ahead of you or you could already have made it through half of a week!

And that's what I'm doing with this Wednesday- choosing to see it as being half finished instead of half left.

But this Wednesday is more than just one half-way point. Because not only is today a Wednesday, but it's also the 15th of October

And you know what this means?

For all intensive porpoises... 

I am halfway through my 31 Days challenge!

It's so motivating to realize that I've gotten through the first half of the month already. I'm amazed to see that I've come this far, and excited to see where things are going the rest of the month.

If I could get through the first fifteen days, I sure can get through the next.


Today, I'd like to reiterate my question from yesterday- what would you like to see during the last part of the challenge? Is there a character or person you'd like to to see featured here? Or more songs and quotes? Be sure to leave your suggestion down below in the comment section or over at my Facebook page!

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  1. Loved this post. Great way to look at it. I too am glad I have made it half way through the 31 days! Woo Hoo!!! I actually love Weds because I work at a church and get to teach Confirmation and see so many wonderful people on those days.

    1. I love that! It's a good reason for loving Wednesday. Thanks for the lovely comment!