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Friday, October 31, 2014

This is Day 31 of a 31 Day writing challenge. To read more about my 31 Days series and to catch up on any posts you've missed, be sure to check out my post 31 Days of INSPIRE!

Here it is. The very last day.

For the past month, I've been participating in something called the 31 Days challenge. The goal was to choose a topic and write one blog post about it every single day of October. I chose to do 31 Days of INSPIRE!, and in spite of the many obstacles (including an illness, trying to memorize lines to be the main character in a play, and dislocating a finger!), I am proud to say that 

I did it!

That's right! I managed to generate 31 unique blog posts about inspiration, all on their appropriate day. It's quite a feat for someone who has (historically) only blogged when she felt like it

Honestly, I'm still in shock over the whole thing. I keep going back through my posts and counting them to make sure I didn't miss a day! I know I haven't but I really just have to see it to believe it.

Now, in my post yesterday, I was looking back at what I learned from this month. Today, I want to look forward at where I am going from here...

I've been trying for a while now to decide exactly what I want the future of Walk In the Rain With Me to look like. Without a doubt, I want to continue writing on here. It's something I love doing, and this challenge has only rekindled the flame! 

But it also encouraged me to think more about why I'm doing this, and what am I going to do in in the months or years to come.

The first question- why am I doing this?- wasn't as easy to answer as I certainly thought it would be. 

On the surface, it seems fairly obvious. Because I like to write.

But is that it? Is that the only reason???

And when I look closer, I realize that I'm not just doing this for myself. While it may have started as just a way for me to express myself and get outside my comfort zone, it has become so much more than that.

This series has been about inspiring people, and that's what I want my blog entire to do. I keep writing here, I keep getting over the fear of putting myself out there, and I keep hitting that publish button with the hope that someone out there will be inspired and encouraged because of me. Because of this humble little blog.

I can't say it wouldn't be really awesome if my blog went viral. I can't say I don't hope to have hundreds or thousands of subscribers one day. Because of course I would love for tons of people to read what I've written!

But if it can inspire just one person, than that's enough...


And now... The next question- what am I going to do?- actually took some thinking as well.

As I mentioned earlier, I typically write only when I feel like it. And as any writer knows, this fluctuates a lot. One week, I have multiple topics bouncing around in my head just waiting to get out! The next, I can't think of something to write to save my life.

There's no real consistency to it.

But this month, I've had a lot of practice meeting deadlines and writing even when I don't feel inspired. I've come to realize that it is possible and even beneficial to push myself. To set deadlines.

I never really considered myself to be someone who thrives under pressure, but I have seen that sometimes having a deadline- a limitation, if you will- increases not only productivity but creativity.

Unfortunately, I can tell you right now that there's absolutely no way I can keep doing a blog post a day! It's just not going to happen. I have school work that needs to be done, rooms that need to stay cleaned, projects I want to work on... And pretty much all of that has been somewhat neglected this month.

So I've decided that, going forward, 

I am going to write a blog post every Monday.

In the past, I wrote a blog post about the fact that Mondays are so underrated. People are always hating on Mondays, and I admit that it kind of frustrates me.

Since I am always looking for ways to inspire and encourage people, what better day to do it than on the one people hate so much?! I would love to be the bright spot in your otherwise dreary day!

There's another aspect to this question that I'm also exploring, but I'm not quite ready to make that announcement, yet. So just know that there are big changes happening here at Walk In the Rain With Me, and keep your eyes open for more information!


My question today is what kind of stuff would you like to see more of in the future? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comment section below or over at my Facebook page!

Also, I just want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this series, both my old readers, and my new ones! I also want to give a special shout-out to all of the other 31 Day bloggers I was able to connect with. You guys were amazing!

If you just found my blog, I'd love to encourage you to say! You can subscribe to my email list over there --> so you never miss a post. Check out my About Me page to get to know me a little better. That also includes a list of a few of my most popular posts to get you started!

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  1. I admire you and your faithfulness to this challenge. You have thought all of this through and I think your plan for the future is excellent and quite do-able! Keep writing and all the other awesome things you do.

    1. Thank you for that word of encouragement!

  2. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I had to smoosh a few posts in the other night to meet 31 posts, but with one final post this evening, I will do it, too... not quite as planned, but definitely done. :)

    Like you, I'm a "write when I feel like it" type blogger, but I'm trying to set some goals to keep me writing a bit more frequently. Best of luck to you getting into a new writing routine!

    - Melissa

    1. That's great! Even if it wasn't exactly how you originally planned, at least you did it!

  3. Congratulations, Anastasia! I have had the privilege of being below you quite a few times on the comment linkup, and you have inspired me. I always have a smile on my face when I have read what you have written. Thank you for sharing with us!

    1. Thank you so much! That was absolutely the kindest, most encouraging thing you could have said to me. I'm so glad you were able to find my blog!

  4. Looking forward to your post every Monday! :-)

  5. What a perfect goal! I, too, have been searching for that happy medium between OMIGOSH EVERY DAY and ... um ... pretty much never. Good for you, setting a reasonable expectation for yourself and your readers.